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The true story of a skeptic's journey into the spiritual world.

Welcome to my website home


We have created this site for two reasons….. 

  • as an extension of the book and my journey,  and …..

  • as an educational source and guide for helping others to understand and connect to the spirit world, just as I have learned to do over the past few years. 

    Skeptics are welcome here,   because we believe that your doubts will soon dissipate as you absorb the content of the material that we have collected in the pages on the left.



As you search the site, you will read about ... 

  • the spiritual experiences and testimonies of other folks I have met along the way, including Larry Hastings, who “died” for 20 minutes and actually visited the Other Side. 

  • the many scientific approaches into spiritual communication, such as the medium studies of Professor Gary Schwartz and others. 

  • articles on near-death-experiences, angels, reincarnation, after death communication, and what the afterlife is like …….by famous authors who have studied these areas, such as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross,  Victor Zammit,  Joan Wester Anderson, Bill and Judy Guggenheim, Brian Weiss, and Hans Holzer. 


You can also learn about meditation, including how to meditate.   You can go to a site that will take you step by step into the meditation process.  Meditation can help you to stay healthy in body, mind and spirit, and it can help you control emotions and fears. 


Finally, you have access to other mind and spiritual development sites, many that I visited often during my journey for my continued education.


…..Bob Dean 


Music:  "The Other Side"  by Don Conoscenti

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Kathleen Tucci, Psychic Medium

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You’ll find this book is divided in various parts, just as the universe has multiple facets that make up the whole. Follow along as Bob Dean’s story unfolds to reveal a fascinating and compelling conclusion. That the afterlife does indeed exist and is actually a part of our every day lives. In the form of his factual journal as he wrote it, you’ll be captivated by the essence of pure scholarship as he travels the path from skeptic to believer.

This tapestry weaves together the substance of what the hereafter (eternal life) is all about, why we are here, and where we are going.

Journal Entry: Friday, June 22, 2001
Angel reflection on ceiling.

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"You don't need to be a medium to work with the Other Side;  you just need to be open to the vibrations and be willing to listen." 
........John Edward

Every single person, I believe, is psychic to one degree or another, or born with a sense of intuition, for intuition is the language of the soul. But some people are born with a little more sensitivity than others and are able to not only read someone from a psychic perspective but also read their energy. A medium is someone who can do that, but they can also attune themselves to a higher level of energy or other dimensions, so as to interface between this higher vibration of energy and the physical world.

James Van Praagh



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